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What is blogging:
Today I am going to tell you about the Blogging through this post.Why we make blogs, what benefits do we get from blogs. And why do we blogging, there are many types of blogging sites like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, etc. Going to tell people

Blog is a website, where you know something new every day. And here 24 Hours are constantly updated. Blog is a kind of personal webpage ich we record our information, experience, Can do And we can write it as a dictionary in our daily life. Its subjects can also be personal, general or special. Each blog may have something related to some subject, such as article, photo, video. According to Hindi Language / Blog is called “Chittha”. The word letter is a word searched by Indian Blogger Alok.
We call the short form of the word Weblog as Blog. The word Blogging is the name of an English word. This name was given by Jorn Berger in 1997. Later, in 1999, Merholz changed its short name to Blog, which is popular in the world of technology today on the Internet.

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People in olden times, about 20-25 years ago, people used to write their suggestions or important information in the form of a blog on Diary or magazine. Which he used to share either Mojuda PD or incoming PD in front of him. Which he used to share either Mojuda PD or incoming PD in front of him. But in today’s world of technology, modern people of New Generation prefer to create or write blogs on the Internet. And share it with others. This type of work is called Blog. Blogging can be made on any subject.


A person who do blogging called Blogger. Blogger helps people by sharing their collected information, or ideas hidden inside them, and keeps their knowledge accessible to others. And he keeps searching for new technology to keep people updated on his blog. Which he keeps sending people as New Update on his blog. That’s why you can tell the person who blogs is Blogger. Blogger is the person or group that writes a blog.



Through blogging, you can put your thoughts in front of others on any topic or any topic. Then even if the subject is Relative from any topic. Because Blogging has now become a means of knowledge and entertainment. And you can make an identity in this technology-filled world of Internet by blogging. And you can earn good money by blogging.

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