What is a guest post in blogging? Is Guest posting good for SEO? If you are interested in knowing the answers to all these questions then read this article. Hello and welcome back to the Geeky Flix blog.

If you are a blogger and new to the blogging field, you may not know about guest posts. But if you are a blogger, then you should know about guest post. In this post, I will tell you about the guest post in details.

What is Guest Post

Let us first know about the post, what is the post in the blogging field? Friends, in the field of blogging, when we give information on a topic daily on a blog, it is called a post. The post is a combination of several text and images, giving some important information.

Guest posting is also called guest blogging because it is known by the name that guest has gone to meet someone else, in the same way guest posting also means the same post as other blog. Published by person means that the author is not added to the blog as the author and if he publishes a post on that blog, it is called a guest post.

When you write a post on another blog, it will be called a guest post when you are not added as the author of that blog.

Why is a guest post done?

The question arises in the minds of many people, why is a guest posted? If we write a guest post on a blog, will we benefit from it? Is this good for the SEO of our blog? You will find answers to all these questions below, read this post carefully.

There are many benefits to posting friends. I will tell you all these advantages one by one. If you are thinking that if we are writing a guest post on another blog, is it good for our SEO? Yes guys, this is great for SEO.

Make high backlink

I had also told about back link in my previous post that back link is a link which comes from other blog and website on our website or blog. Simply put, backlink is like voting, the more backlink, the better your blog will rank. When you write a guest posting on a blog, you get a backlink from there, many people also give a dolphin link, which is very good, so we should write a guest post to create a backlink.

You know how to write

When you post a guest on a blog, the next person who has the blog accepts your post only when your content is good and there is no mistake in your content. If your post is not approved, many people answer why your post was not approved. By this, you get to know your deficiency in which place you are hitting, which you have to keep in mind while writing the post.

Increase traffic

You can increase traffic to your blog by posting a guest on another blog. Now many people may be wondering how will traffic on our blog be increased by writing posts on other blogs? So friends, let me tell you that when you write a guest post on another blog, then there is a link to your blog and it is written that this post is a guest posted by them, due to which many people also blog Let’s open it. This and this increases traffic to your blog.

Blog branding

Whenever you write a guest post on a blog and even though no one visits your blog through that link. They will definitely read the name of your blog. Which makes your blog a brand. Which means many people are referred to your blog. Came to know about

Building a good relationship with other bloggers

Your blog builds a good relationship when you write a guest post on another blog. This gives you a different identity and at the same time the popular blogger gets to know about you and they help you whenever you need any kind of help.

Things to keep in mind before posting to Guest:

Any time you post a guest on a blog, you need to take care of certain things that are provided below:

First, check the blog on which you are writing a guest post, is there a copyright post on that blog, check all DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), Alexa Rank when you think Yes, we would benefit from guest posting on this blog, only guest posting on that blog.

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While writing a guest post, write at least 500 words and at the same time you have to add your name and the name of your blog to that post.
While writing the post take full care of SEO so that you and the next person also benefit.
Now many people may be wondering in which text editor to write guest post and how to submit guest post? Many blogs have a text editor add for guest posts and on which there is no text editor add. In which case you can type a word document in your computer and send it to their email.

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Last word

In this post I explained what is a guest posting? What are its benefits? What to keep in mind before posting? Friends, we have answered all these questions in this post.

I hope you liked this post (Guest posting Kya Hai) very much. Share this post with your friends. and at the same time if you have any questions related to this post, you can ask us through the comment box.

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