how to delete facebook account

Hello friends, today we will tell you how to delete your facebook account / facebook account forever if you already have an account. So you can delete the rest of your account by following the easy methods described by us.
Step-1 First you login your account that you want to delete, now on the left side you will see a lock like symbol, you click on it, now a new page will open on it, you will get a search symbol on it. In which you write (Permanent Delete).

As soon as we write this, a list will open in which you click on (How to delete my account). Now click on the page below (Let us know).

Step-2 Now a new page will open in front of you in which you click on (Delete My Account).
Step-3 Now a new page will open in which you type your password, and on the screen below you will find a Cepta which you type in the empty space below and click on the Ok button.
Step-4 Now a new page will open on your screen and click on Ok. And after 14 days, your account will be deleted forever. If you want to open this account twice, then before 14 days you will have to login again.
So in this way you can delete your ruined Facebook account forever by following easy methods, friends, we are sure that you will like our post. Whatever your questions are, we can ask through comments. Thank you for giving us your valuable time.

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